Monday, October 29, 2012

school related special times ...

how do you celebrate the first day of school? the last day of school? do you do anything special for middle school or high school or college graduation? how about activities at school, gifts for teachers, field day t-shirts, etc., etc., etc. .... do you keep a scrapbook for kindergarten or for the athletic team? volunteer at school in special ways? can't wait to hear! Karen (Moments Publishing)

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Anonymous said...

In all the anticipation of graduating from high school, we realized what a critical part the education professionals had played in this accomplishment. We decided that a special part of our graduation party for each child would be set apart to acknowledge and give thanks to the teachers and administrative professionals who partnered with our family in reaching this goal. The reactions of the educators was moving, as well as each of our children recognizing the value of investing in the life of another human being...for the good of the individual, our society and our nation as a whole. After introducing each professional and acknowledging their contribution to this accomplishment in our family, my husband would pray for thanks to God and asking for His continued equipping and blessing on their lives. This simple gesture-or should I say "love lift"- has been a huge blessing for our family! May it be for your family as well.

God bless, Donna Brooks